ClearPoll Tokens (POLL)

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The token behind ClearPoll

ClearPoll (POLL) tokens are cryptographic tokens, tradable for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. POLL tokens are used for rewards, plus all revenue is used to buy POLL tokens at market price. More significant POLL token benefits and functions are coming very soon.

Latest News about POLL Tokens

ClearPoll gives all users the opportunity to earn rewards for their app usage. Users get points for votes their polls receive, as well as for other tasks.

At the end of each rewards period, their points entitle them to a share of POLL tokens in the rewards pool.

Every cent that ClearPoll earns as revenue, whether it’s from cash, credit card, bitcoin or any other method of payment, is used to buy POLL tokens from the exchange, at market price.

Then, 50% of those tokens, are automatically moved to the User Rewards Pool. That means users are sharing in 50% of all revenue, every rewards period.

Plus, if a user has an existing amount of POLL in their wallet, they can receive a higher rate of points, called a multiplier. There is a real incentive to hold various levels of POLL, as it will increase your points and give you a larger share of the rewards pool tokens.

Users are rewarded for using ClearPoll, and rewarded even more for holding POLL tokens in their wallet. Constant POLL buying at market price ensures a healthy trading volume and performance.

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