Multiply Your ClearPoll Points!

Multiply Your ClearPoll Points! 2018-08-31T04:14:47+00:00

The ClearPoll User Rewards System framework already offers great incentive to all users, and promotes high quality content creation within the app.

After a lot of great feedback, there was one common request we’ve addressed. We are excited to announce a vast improvement to the system — Reward Multipliers!

POLL holders will now enjoy significant bonuses on points earned within the app. Points, as you know, equate to a share of POLL tokens from the rewards pool each period.

ClearPoll app will check the POLL balance in each payment address entered into the app. If there’s a balance of 500 POLL or more, a multiplier will apply to all points earned at the time.

The multipliers are as follows:

500 POLL = 25% Bonus (1.25 Pts per vote)
1,000 POLL = 50% Bonus (1.5 Pts per vote)
2,500 POLL = 100% Bonus (2 Pts per vote)
5,000 POLL = 150% Bonus (2.5 Pts per vote)
10,000 POLL and above = Maximum 200% Bonus (3 Pts per vote)

Multiplier levels are calculated daily — so there is no fixed time of the month where users would rush to load up their wallets (and then move them back out the next day).

POLL must be stored in a personal wallet such as MyCrypto, as we cannot check individual balances on exchange wallets.

How to Get a POLL Token Wallet

As an example, if a user has 3,000 POLL in their wallet, they will receive 2 points for each vote their poll receives, instead of 1 point. If that user creates a poll that receives a lot of votes, they are likely to end up with a very large share of all POLL tokens that month.

Create great polls plus have POLL in your wallet, and get rewarded bigtime! Don’t forget, users also earn points for voting on Sponsored Polls.

The Rewards Pool is funded with 50% of ClearPoll revenue. Revenue streams include Sponsored Polls, ClearPoll Plus and Advertising.

To recap how the rewards system will work:
1) Users earn points for each vote their polls receive.
2) Users also earn points for each Sponsored Poll they vote on, plus each Star Poll they vote on.
3) Points equate to a share of POLL tokens for each rewards period. More points means a larger share.
4) Only users with a POLL address entered into the app, are eligible. That means more tokens shared among less users.
5) Multiply your points by holding POLL in your personal wallet (the same wallet address you entered into the app).
6) Points reset each period, but your POLL revenue carries over. Withdraw at any time, once you hit the minimum withdrawal limit.